Caldeira Consulting

We are on a mission to stop the reactive stress cycle that is harming business profits and employee health.  

We understand key business needs today such as: 

  • Ensuring your business thrives in a world of more competition and more automation. 
  • Making your teams more productive. 
  • Retaining the best talent in highly competitive industries.

So, how do we support you to achieve these essential business needs?  How do we deal with stress that affects team output and ultimately business performance? 

Introducing our Wellbeing at Work Programme, built for and designed to assist businesses in dealing with the underlying causes of stress at work rather than just the symptoms. The programme is tailored to your business, delivered at your convenience in order to help you increase productivity while reducing employee turnover, absenteeism and burnout.   

Caldeira Consulting Company creates useful and measurable solutions for businesses to achieve tangible results.