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Welcome to The Office

The role of the office is fundamentally changing. Employers are reassessing their approach to hybrid working and looking to encourage their teams back to the office by creating inspiring workplaces that offer employees a compelling reason to return – innovative spaces that people want and choose to work in, and that ultimately enable them to perform at their best.

As they revisit the function and purpose of their workplaces and explore the vital role that the physical environment and workplace experience plays in driving organisational culture, employee wellbeing and business performance, organisations are looking for solutions to support new ways of working and to help them utilise their office space more effectively.

Join us at “The Office”, a brand-new event which offers a one-stop shop for organisations who are rethinking their approach to workplace design, workplace experience and facilities management and looking for solutions that will enable them to create innovative, sustainable workplaces that can meet the changing needs and diversity of their employees.

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What’s On



Free education sessions featuring thought-leading speakers and influencers, it’s held as a ‘silent disco’ format for focused and uninterrupted discussion



Partner-led workshop sessions held within the main exhibition hall, featuring deep-dive insight and solution partner case-studies and showcases.



The Office exhibition is features inspiring solutions at the forefront of delivering workspaces and workplaces that promote engagement and create productivity.

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The Office Expo will connect you to an audience that holds purchasing power for workplace and workspace solutions, and enable you to identify and pre-book 1:1 meetings with relevant buyers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with buyers working in HR, workplace management, workplace experience, facilities management and employee wellbeing – all focussed on finding tangible solutions to create best-practice workplaces.

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Who Will Visit?

Join thousands of practitioners who are actively engaged in creating and delivering best-practice workplaces and are looking for products, services and technology solutions to create workspaces where employees want to work and can perform at their best.

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PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  Directors/Managers

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PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  Directors/Managers

PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  Workplace Design Directors/Managers

PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  Workplace Strategy/Workplace Strategists

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PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  HR Directors / Managers / Business Partners

PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  Wellbeing Leaders

PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  Facilities Directors/Managers

PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  Business Culture & Transformation Leaders

PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  Workplace Services

PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  Office Managers

PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  Property Managers

PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  Property Programme Managers

PngItem 1449392 300x300 1  Directors/Heads of Real Estate and Asset Management

Why The Office

“Future workplaces should be hubs of connection.”

Data collected earlier in the pandemic certainly showed that collaborative and particularly creative and collaborative events were less well-supported when working remotely from each other. More recent data shows a shift, with respondents starting to report that collaboration is supported at home as well as, if not better than in the office.

As such, an office that is designed purely around collaboration is less likely to magenitse employees back. Instead, an office that is designed around connection, that supports the connective activities first, stands a significantly greater chance.”

Leesman Index / 2022

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