FluClinic2You is a leading provider of on-site flu vaccinations for corporate businesses looking to reduce the impact of influenza (flu) on their businesses. It is estimated that sickness absence caused by flu costs an employer £522 per employee per annum. 

Providing flu vaccinations for employees will offer a number of benefits to both your employees and your business, including: 

  • Reducing the chances of employees contracting flu 
  • ⁠Reducing the severity and duration of symptoms if an employee does contract flu 
  • Reducing the chances of someone with flu transmitting the virus to other people 
  • Reducing occasions of sick leave as a result of flu 
  • ⁠Helping protect the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people within your workforce 
  • Providing herd immunity to help stop the flu virus spreading 
  • Improving morale and productivity in the workforce 
  • ⁠Promoting fairness and inclusivity in the workforce 
  • Improving the employee benefits package 
  • ⁠Helping to alleviate the burden on the UK healthcare system 

Join us at The Watercooler Event to discover how FluClinic2You can benefit your company. Our flu vaccination clinics run between October and December each year and are carried out by qualified health professionals. Visit our stand to find out more about our services and the different clinic options we have to offer.