LiveSmart from Inuvi

LiveSmart from Inuvi combines smart technology, expert blood testing, and a human touch to provide insight, direction, and support to fuel healthier lives.

From completing an initial online health assessment, to booking blood tests, viewing results, and receiving ongoing support, LiveSmart’s digital approach makes the journey to great health simple, accessible, and affordable.

LiveSmart health assessments focus on meaningful measures that are influenced by lifestyle choices, and can be improved by healthy behaviours, such as good nutrition and physical activity.

The assessments and blood tests are designed to highlight key aspects of health and wellbeing. Follow-up support and coaching from LiveSmart dieticians and doctors helps employees understand their results and make sustainable changes to improve their health.

LiveSmart is proven to improve employee health. An independent study of LiveSmart demonstrated almost all participants significantly improved their health score and secondary outcome measures including HbA1c, blood pressure and reduction in smoking.