We are Mintago, a team of finance and wellbeing enthusiasts working on changing the world of personal finance for both employers and employees. Many Mintagoers have experienced first-hand the impact of financial stress on their lives and are committed to helping companies and workers make the best of their financial situations. Financial wellbeing means securing the future of both employers and employees.

To that end, we created Mintago, a complete and unbiased financial wellbeing platform that empowers employees to improve their financial health while helping businesses save on their national insurance cost. Through our pension dashboard, financial wellbeing app and educational resources, we encourage employees to take control of their personal finances and further engage with their pension. Mintago users can speak to a financial adviser for free through the platform, taking the opportunity to ask any questions and receive guidance on how to overcome obstacles such as debt – all whilst improving their financial situation.

Mintago is currently available to users through employers and trusted partners.