MumPod® Company innovates to provide spaces and solutions for employers and service providers
to support pregnant and breastfeeding parents.
Would you prepare your lunch in a toilet? Would you eat your lunch in a toilet? No? But this is
where parents often have to breastfeed their baby or pump their milk when at work or out and

Our MyPod® lactation pod is the first of its kind in the UK. A standalone, purpose-built breastfeeding
pod designed for workplaces or public buildings and spaces, the MyPod® offers a clean, comfortable
and secure place for pregnant or breastfeeding parents to rest, express or breastfeed.
The MyPod’s features include a smart handle with options to book, with comfortable seating,
dimmable lights, with options for a milk fridge, hospital grade breast pump, baby changing facilities
and a digital screen for relaxation visuals, health promotion or advertising. The MyPod® is a
prefabricated modular unit that is easily assembled and can be relocated as necessary. The flexibility
this affords is a great advantage for estates management, and more cost effective than repurposing
and refurbishment of multi-use rooms.

MumPod® Company also offers a comprehensive consultancy package to establish the individual
requirements of each of our clients, enabling you to ensure the inclusivity of pregnant or
breastfeeding employees or customers. So, whether you have measures and policies in place, or you
are looking to implement new initiatives, we can help you find the solutions to meet your needs