Sara Davison Divorce Coach

Sara Davison Global Enterprises is the leading global provider of employee breakup, divorce and domestic abuse coaching support. With a highly skilled specialist coaching team we offer fast transformational coaching which enables employees to boost their mental wellbeing and fast track their recovery, drastically reducing the negative impact on the business bottom line, reducing absenteeism, boosting staff retention and minimising the impact on workplace productivity. Employees access group and 1-1 coaching support anonymously as well as our breakup resources portal and support hotline. 

We also offer Breakup, Divorce and Domestic Abuse Companion Training and Accreditation. 

Sara Davison, The Divorce Coach, is an author, podcaster and patron of The Dash Charity.  She combined her coaching skills with her divorce experience to create a tool kit to help people transform their lives after a breakup. She founded The International Divorce Coach Centre of Excellence which has trained over 500 Coaches in 25 countries.