Sophie Trotman Nutrition

Sophie is a Registered Nutritionist with a vibrant international practice situated between London and Lisbon. Prior to turning her passion for health and wellness into a career, Sophie was immersed in the sales function of early-stage tech companies. The fast-paced environment sparked her interest in how nutrition influences health, happiness, and productivity levels.

Today, her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for her field resonates with a broad clientele, including many companies that rely on her expertise to improve their team’s health and productivity.

Sophie’s comprehensive talks on pivotal topics such as sleep, menopause, and mood-boosting eating habits have made her a sought-after speaker in the corporate wellness circuit. Her unique approach, combining scientific know-how with practical advice, promotes holistic health and wellness, leaving audiences inspired and better equipped to make beneficial lifestyle changes.

Sophie’s expertise in nutrition has been recognized and featured in various respected media outlets such as the BBC and Evening Standard. She is also a published author, contributing to books such as ‘Happy Skin Kitchen’ and Anthea Turner’s ‘How to Age Well’. 

Sophie also utilises her platform and knowledge to forge strategic partnerships with like-minded brands, creating engaging content and experiences that bridge the gap between commercial and health industries.