Winner of app of the year

Winner of digital health solution of the year

Empower your team with Toothfairy’s industry-leading coverage. At a time of a national dental crisis, employees’ lack of access to dental care is leading to increased absenteeism from dental-related issues. We exist to ensure a healthy employee workforce means a thriving business, and Toothfairy delivers dental support whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Our dental coverage is tailored to minimize work absences by identifying and addressing potential dental problems early on. We’re proactive in detecting dental issues before they escalate, noting that over 1 million workdays are lost yearly. The challenge of accessing dental care is significant, with 4.5 million people struggling to see a dentist due to scheduling conflicts and 22% unable to visit a dentist annually.

Toothfairy stands out as an award-winning service, recognized for compliance with numerous industry standards, earning accolades from the NHS for our innovative approach, and making history as the country’s first CQC-regulated dental app, with all our dentists holding GDC certification.

Benefits for your employees include:

  • Immediate connection with dentists within minutes in-app.
  • Support in achieving oral health objectives with in-app check-ups.
  • Prescriptions for effective pain management.
  • Access to discounted cosmetic dental treatments.
  • Convenient video consultations and virtual dental exams.

Choose Toothfairy for dental coverage that keeps your workforce healthy and your business growing.