A fresh approach to delivering a happier, more productive workforce through financial

The financial wellbeing of your employees is critical to the vitality and growth of your company.
We believe everyone should have access to clear and impartial financial information.
WellFi gives you the information and tools you need to prioritise the financial wellbeing of your

Our innovative financial wellbeing solution combines deep financial expertise with in-depth
research on human behaviour to deliver a personalised, multi-sensory financial wellbeing
program to all your employees.  WellFi brings a breadth of financial topics into one place, with
bite-size videos and interactive tools to help build employee knowledge and give them the
confidence to make better financial decisions.

WellFi also provides you with enhanced visibility into the needs and concerns of your workforce,
raises employee awareness and engagement with your company benefits, and streamlines
employee communication for greater impact and efficiency.