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Daniella Bird

Founder, Space Positive Ltd | Interior Designer | Workplace Consultant

Space Positive Ltd

Specialist in Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE) for Homeless Charity Sector | WELL AP

Dedicated to transforming spaces with empathy and purpose, Daniella Bird is the visionary founder of Space Positive Ltd. An accomplished interior designer and workplace consultant, Daniella thrives on collaborating with SMEs and businesses to create environments that enhance health, wellbeing, and performance. She specialises in designing within the Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE) framework, particularly tailored for the homeless charity sector. 

Daniella’s designs prioritise compassion, understanding, and overall well-being. With the prestigious WELL AP accreditation and a passion for biophilic design, she seamlessly integrates human-centric principles into every project. Beyond design, Daniella is an ardent advocate for homeless youth, channelling her commitment into positive change through thoughtful and impactful spaces.