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Tim Oldman

Founder and CEO


Tim is the Founder and CEO of Leesman – the world’s foremost authority on employee workplace experience. 

He started his career in 1991 as a designer in the gritty world of transport design but by 2003 had developed a greater interest in the business strategy of workplace.

In 2009 while working as an independent advisor supporting several leading global organizations on the alignment of their workplace strategies, he spotted an opportunity to develop a new and technique that would properly test the ability of an organization’s places to support its employees. 10 years plus later, the Leesman Index is used by industry thought leaders around the world to measure, benchmark and improve the experience of their employees.

In March 2020 Leesman launched new tools that would also evaluate the experience of employees working from home and today sits on the largest employee home working experience benchmark dataset of its kind, positioning Leesman at the epicenter of the future of work debate.