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Valerie Corcias

Co- Founders mycoocoon & brainbo


Valerie Corcias from Argentina brings a unique perspective on global culture, ideology, and technology trends. Throughout her career, she has significantly influenced product design and development. 

In2000, Valerie was pivotal in launching the PANTONE UNIVERSE brand, overseeing its conception, distribution, and communication.

Leveraging her expertise in color and passion for social and technological connectivity, Valerie, alongside her husband Dominique Kelly, founded mycoocoon. With over 20 years of expertise in the emotive aspects of color, this field has become an integral part of our DNA at mycoocoon.

They are committed to providing color solutions that are not only effective but also scientifically validated, to increase wellness and togetherness for corporates, brands, healthcare, and wellness organizations.

They introduced the Brainbo app, a straightforward tool designed to help users assess their color needs, promoting mental wellness and sensory resets.